Art for Your Sake

Sometimes I feel its almost taboo to crave Jeff Koons' sculptures or a Richard Meier-designed building. I live in Rome, the epicenter of the world's most amazing Renaissance and Baroque painting, not too mention the lovely Macchiaioli and Futuristi of the Risorgimento and turn-of-the-century. I live on a beautiful medieval street, quaint, picturesque, right near Castel Sant'Angelo, where I walk my dog.

What more beauty could my eyes want?
I kind of want it rough around the edges and hard to digest.
You know, in-your- face art that makes you say "whaaaa??!!"
Last week, I jumped for joy at some graffiti around the corner from my house. Missy Elliot in stencil by Diamond (local artist). A month ago, I made a pilgrimage to Naples to see a contemporary art exhibition at Castel Sant'Elmo, secretly I had wanted to see the David La Chapelle installation in Palermo. A few weeks ago, I went to Milan, yet again, I didn't see Leonardo's Last Supper- it was booked and anyway, I wanted to go to the Contemporary Arts Center by Piazza Sempione.
Yeah, I feel like that old MTV ad- "I want my contemporart art now!"
Its here in Rome, in Italy, every where, you just have to look for it.
Tonight, at 6 pm, one of the 1980's favorite feminists Kiki Smith is having an opening at Lorcan Oneill in Trastevere, around the corner from the Regina Coeli (the prison).
If you want to know more about Kiki Smith,
About once a week, I pass by the Swiss Institute on via Ludovisi (by via Veneto), and always tell myself that I have to check out its exhibits. Today's the day, especially after visiting the website to realize that not only have I missed Pippilotta Rilst (1999 Biennale di Venezia) but also an exhibition of fumetti (comics) and some very interesting performances last week.
Get out of the Renaissance!