Good Hair Day

Today was supposed to be a Good Hair Day. I was going to dedicate my fingers to lining up the best places for good hair. In other words, best hairdressers, best inexpensive hairdresser, good hair products store (product, accessory and styling utensils), best extensions, best weaves. And loads more. Yes, I was going to cut the dead ends, add in some highlights and set your hair and mind at ease with invaluable information to hair survival.

I’ve changed my mind. You’re going to have to wait, and I promise you I will tediously detail all of it. At some point in time. But not right now. Disappointed? I would be. Blame on Lolita and Paulina, two good friends with a slight bit of drama this week.

Tuesday Evening, 9 pm GMT (London/Rome)
Sms from Lolita: Just got back to London. Am at Marc’s house. There is a condom wrapper next to my flip-flops. It wasn’t there before I went away.

Friday, 4 am GMT-8 (Los Angeles/Rome)
Email from Paulina: You up? Almost had a threesome tonight. Weird. I guess that’s why the guy from NJ came to dinner.

I wish Paulina and Lolita (yes, these are fake names) lived in Rome because I would immediately tell them to call Sonia, the Carvaggio of the Bikini Wax. Why do I choose Carvaggio instead of over-used and almost cliche Michelangelo? Aside from the fact that I am reading Carvaggio’s biography M by the Australian writer, Robert Something-- sorry, we have more pressing matters to discuss than last names-- a reference to Michelangelo would be wrong. Absolutely senseless. Sonia is definitely an artist with a lot of patience. But she’s also a realist. What needs to be done is done, no questions asked. Ya get it?

So instead of writing about hair, let’s talk about coiffed, miniscule, barely there and lack there of hair, however you fancy it. In drastic situations, you need drastic measures.

Lame (ex) boyfriend frolicking in other pastures? Dump him. Immediately, visit Sonia—change your style or just clean it up a bit. And chit chat. Sonia is a girl’s girl—which means you can talk to her about anything, and will almost always side with you.

Awkard threesome moment? Get a bikini wax. That way you’ll be prepared for the next awkward moment. And the empowerment behind having a good bikini wax is amazing. It makes you say things— “Kiss her? Did you notice that we’re not 21 and on MTV?”

Waxing isn’t just for the melodramatic, swinging single gal. Maintenance is maintenance, no matter where you are or how many kids, husbands and exboyfriends you have.

If you are spoiled, like me, by the No Limits waxing techniques of Los Angeles aestheticians (and from other cities with a strong gay, porn, superficial, high maintenance, plastic surgery and/or salon culture), you may have caught yourself thinking that Rome is provincial, that certain things can’t be done. Wrong. Rome has many aestheticians who will do whatever you want. However, a key factor to consider is Choice of Wax and Technique. She (or he) may have the best, softest, most gentle technique and a wonderful pull-out-all-hairs-without-harm wax, but hair still could grow back in a week. And yes, there are places (in Phoenix, Arizona, for example) who only go so far with their wax . . .

Without a doubt, the best salon for a waxing (standard bikini, brazilian, eyebrow, back, anything) is:

Aveda Salon
Rampa Mignanelli 9 (Piazza di Spagna)
06 69924886

The best waxer at Aveda is Sonia
Or call direct: 3478010420