Its The Thought That Counts

I have been in a very bad mood for two weeks. Well not really.... There were the few days in Tokyo last week where I amused myself listening to Gwen Stefani while walking the streets of Harajuku. Note to faux eye-lash lovers, visit the eye lash counter at She Uemera. And then there was dancing last Wednesday night at all the gay clubs (that would let us) in Paris with my one of my friends from Los Angeles. Top it all off with a snowman (named TonTon Paul) and a Thanksgiving Snowball fight in Brussels, and we could say that I have had a lot of fun over the past two weeks. Thanks to a business trip via Paris, I've gotten around.

Back to the anger, the annoyance. It's that time of month where I question whether or not the boyfriend truly appreciates me. I like to think of myself as an easy going girlfriend, innovative and caring, combined with the necessary bouts of jealousy that make the boyfriend feel loved, wanted and cherished. I am easily satisfied, get me a hot chocolate or cotton candy and my heart is yours. You wanna play playstation? I'll play too or just read quietly while Grand Theft Auto blairs. Need to go to the stadium for a football (soccer/calcio) game? I'm ready! But lately, I feel like my, okay yes I will say it, coolness is just not appreciated.

Last week at dinner, a married friend said to me, "The important things in life are getting your woman jewelry, eating well and buying banks. In that order. So what has he gotten you lately?" My response was a coy smile as I told him that I have gone to practically every delicious restaurant in Rome, and was taken to New York for my birthday which coincided with his business trip, though I didn't get a card. Then I remembered the flip flips and tee shirt I was given from another business trip to Singapore. . .

Its the thought that counts. It sure is. And I want to stress how much I loved the roses I received in April, I still have the card. When one of my friends was showing off the new pink boots her boyfriend gave her a few weeks ago, I thought about bringing out the card, from 8 months ago. Basically, we like to brag, show off the little (and big) nicknacks that our boyfriends, husbands and secret admirers give us. To me, it doesn't boil down to numbers on a receipt, it is truly the thought that makes me feel special. Tee shirts that say Singapore don't make me feel special-- maybe if it had read My Boyfriend went to Singapore and all I got was this tee shirt.... I'd love it, because it would mean that he knew that I liked kitch humor. He thought about my personality. He thought about me.

So I feel unappreciate because why? In 2005, I've never been given a book, a card or a small bottle of Holy Water from Lourdes (yes, that happened in 2001). No note has been left on my pillow or under my door. Never have I opened up a box of hideous lingerie or a stinky bottle of perfume. Nor have I ever been handed a bag with $2 hair clips or thong underwear from the airport-- all that say, "I was thinking about you." Nope, nada, zilch.

With the upcoming New Year, I have reconsidered my laid-back mentality and am kicking into high maintenance, 5th gear.

Phew, I feel better already. Time to get some hot chocolate.

Top Three Hot Chocolates in Rome
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Pellacchia Caffe via Cola di Rienzo 105 (Prati)
Thick, dark chocolate, delicious panna served in a dish on the side, along with biscotti (les gavottes, which can be used straws). Charming presentation. Price: €7, 2 people seated.

Bar Pompi Via Albalonga, 9 (Piazzale Re di Roma)
Just like Pelacchia but chocolate not as rich and biscotti aren’t as good or as useful. Price: €7.90, 2 people seated, plus 1 bottled water and two large tramezzini.

Ciampini Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 29 (Centro)
Chocolate is good, not truly rich. Panna nice, served on the side (when seated). Price: €11.40, 2 people seated, plus 1 bottled water. No biscottis.