Every few months, I decide to do a massive clean of the apartment, trying to throw out (or give away) as much as I can—but I never quite make it that far. I purge, I pile, but I just can’t get rid of shoes or clothing. “Personally attached to material goods” would be an astute analysis. Unfortunately, I am prone to ripping, maiming and defacing every single article of clothing I have. I like to think that I am just very active and not too girly.

It has been over 14 years that I have last lived with my mom (who is internationally famous for her 2 am tailoring), which means I am independent, can sew buttons and little holes well, and am also especially good at finding cobblers, tailors and drycleaners who do efficient jobs without fleecing my wallet. I like to think of them as My Posse.

Since I have been in Rome for two years, and am primarily on foot, my knowledge only spans only so far. However, I do have some great resources that always come through. Keep in mind that in every neighborhood, there is always a sarto, calzolaio and tintoria, just ask around. However, I think these are the very best.

Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 17 - inside the tintoria (Campo de’ Fiori)
Fabio is friendly and knows what he is doing. Prices can be negotiable, especially if you know how much things cost. When I am not in a rush and I want something good, he is the best. He just moved into the tintoria—I have yet to try it out, but I am sure its adequate.

via Giacomo Belli, 75 (Piazza Cavour)
06 3211344
This is the best tintoria in Rome. The prices are very fair, the quality is good. Silks, wool, cashmere, leather, everything. If the piece is potentially perishable, they will let you know. They also will do a test to see if they can work with it, if you agree. Andrea, who lives no where in the vicinity has been coming for year. I had two silk dresses that needed cleaning (stain removal, pressing, et al) for the very next morning- cost euro 20.


Vicolo della Torretta 18, by Piazza Augusto Imperatore
A father-son team that repairs shoes as well as makes shoes. By far, Messina the Son knows exactly what he’s doing and charges fair prices, (take in mind, it is in center). He has repaired heels, soles, leather work, color, straps, espadrilles, belts, anthing. He looks at the problem and will let you know if it is possible, and how long it will take. Usually a week, however, I don’t like to rush him because Messina Son does all the repairs, and is very busy. NOTE: It is best to talk ONLY to Messina Son, a tall skinny man of about 45-- Messina Father is almost deaf and focuses on shoe fabrication, likewise Messina Mother, and are not very sociable.

via Tunisi or Maura ( parallel streets, I just can’t remember which exactly)
Tiber side of road, east side, between Viale Vaticano and Via Candia

(In Prati, by Vatican Museums, )
My cousins always go here to repair leather jackets. They also sell leather products, some are original design. They will know where to get leather cleaned. Prices are good. Note: leather repair is more expensive than fabric.

If you don’t need the best, but are in dire need of repair:
Vicolo de Bovari, 8 (Campo de' Fiori)
06 6832086
Speedy can do almost anything within 24 hours, and they don’t have a lunch break. I often see clergy come here for frock hemming. Prices are fair.

Cristina Pacini
Via Angelo Brunetti, 26 (Piazza del Popolo)
06 3226669
Cristina Pacini is a clothing designer with a team of seamstresses who do anything and everything. This is the ideal place for unusual alterations—for example, I had two bikini bottoms made smaller and a pair of floods (wide legged pants) made into capris. La Perla, Chanel, and other high end places use her services frequently. However, she takes her time so you have to be a tenacious, pain in the ass. Prices are higher but she will do the unusual exceptionally well.

via Banchi Vecchi 14 or so-- just a few shops down from the Tintoria

(Campo de’ Fiori)
Standard shoe repair—my friend who lived in San Giovanni always came here. However, they were not good with belt repair. No frills.

Via Lungaretta
Behind movie theater (Reale) across from Piazza Sonino (Trastevere)
Again, standard shoe repair, and could do belts. I suggest going to Messina for anything more than a basic repair.

Via Campo Marzio 48 (Near Parlamento)
Located in a make-shift workshop on ground level, this place is for emergencies and very basic repair. Overcharges everyone, and is not the friendliest cobbler.

Campo de’ Fiori, 38
Good job on standard items, prices are fair to pricey. Is almost always timely.