It has come to my attention that I have been complaining far too much about the superficial, and not given proper credit to the more important, heart-warming, and often smaller details of living in Rome that make me, and a lot of pedestrians, smile.

I love public transportation. I have been known to spend hours on new Metros in every city I visit, days hopscotching across trams in Rome (I love the old 3s , I named my "publishing company" Tram 8 Press, the 19 is round-about, but a good sightseeing bus) and the double-decker treninos (Stazione Trastevere to Fiumincino at 5 euro is irrestible), but my favorite of Rome's transportation is the bus. You've seen Rome's high-tech buses that have television screens which report not only the next 3 stops, but also news briefs, film reviews AND daily horoscopes. They are fun, but not quite as satisfying as their miniature and environmentally safe counterparts.

The Mini-Bus
Compact and electric, the mini bus is like a personal hired car complete with driver. I enjoyed several rides as the solo passegero, and love talking with the drivers who will give you advice on anything from the next stop to why you should absolutely not get off the bus that very second and run over to your ex-boyfriend's brother to ask why said ex-boyfriend is a jerk. I've also noticed that the "capacity of 16" is not always true.

I don't truly know what it is about the Mini Bus that brings sonnets to mind. Is it the efficiency of getting around this city? The over cuteness of its size? The mere fact that buses come in sizes now, like the Super Size Me 40 Express, driving like a bat out of hell or where ever it comes from?

The Fleet

The minibus fleet has expanded in the past few years. And below, I've written my favorite. However, I've heard rumors of a phantom mini bus winding its way around the Gianicolo, and have had sightings of another bus moving slowly through the untraversable streets of Trastevere. Was it the 115, the 125? Tears of happiness blurred my vision from distinguishing the numbers. If anyone has any other sightings, or feel I have not given credit where credit is due, please write!

116- It is the Champion of All Minis- winning awards from best route to cutest drivers (male and femae). The 116h as everything you want in a mini-bus. It cuts across the center from the Gianicolo, weaving in and out
of the historic center where buses and cars are not permitted, to Villa Borghese and back. In the evening, there is the special 116T-- theatre bus, stopping near theatres through the center.

117- I call this the Aorta. It is the lifeline of Roman mini buses, with a route that bissects the city from Piazza del Popolo to San Giovanni in Lateranno.

119- Little Brother of Minis, with a shorter loop from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia.

Where Can I Find My Own Private Mini?
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