Bikini Bash

No, I am not hosting a bikini bash, nor am I hosting a car wash, though I could use the extra cash and some fun. I am simply taking a poll on where to find bikinis in Rome. And I mean cute bikinis, and other fashionable swim attire that women wear when walking from the car to the settee.

As I once explained to Charlotte, wearing a bikini is like having multi-personalities. I usually call up my favorite "Bikini Bitch" alter-ego when I choose to go skimpy. That way I don't care if my butt is barely covered and my breasts are falling out the side (which would be a fete accompli for my small-is-hip size).

"Sporty Spice" would be a faboo racer back number that does NOT fall off in small waves and guarantees a friendly smile from moi, as compared to the limp wave that I conjure up when in "Greta Garbo" , a not-so-friendly shirker of sun complete with caftan or sarong, hat and umbrella. All of these personalities require a befitting bikini, or perhaps all bikinis require a personality.

Note: All Bikini Bitches wear protection, I use at least 30.

This summer I am trying to find a sexy one piece similar to one my nonna has worn since 1969. Giraffe print one piece with cut-outs on the waist, plunging neckline joined by a circular bone-like clapse.

I have come up with a list of possible shops that may have good suits but this time , I am asking you, dear reader, to help me find haute couture to ho couture:

Tad (Spagna)-- these are probably expensive chloe bikinis that cost more than my orthodontic work....i've had a lot done.
Via del babuino 155a

Nuyorrica (Campo)-- do they even have bikinis?
Piazza Pollarola

Luisa Via Roma -- supposedly a "by appointment only" shop, I have no clue where it is.

Gente-- the varying stores, i am sure they have some suits.

Agua (Pantheon)-- i usually bikinis here on sale. In September when i don't swim or sunbathe.
Via dei redentoristi, 5

Alternative (Ghetto)-- again do they have bikins?
Piazza mattei 5

Davide Cenci (Pantheon)-- there is always a Burberry bikini on display... I get bored.
Via campo marzio 1/7

Josephine huertas (Navona)-- yes, bikinis, yes small.
Via governo vecchio 68

Mencucci (Monti) I love the shoes here, but again-- does anyone know if see bikinis?
Via cavour 103
06 47824405

Ainulindale (Navona) I just like the word
Corso Rinacimento 13

There is a store below A's house that is selling cheesy Miss Bikini swim suits for 5 euro. Green, Orange, or Turquoise-- embroidered on the bum with matching glittery floss countries such as Jamaica and Brasil. I would've been first to purchase one had it said "Philly".