I am in Love

We didn't think it would happen so quickly after the break-up. Nope, I didn't think I stood a chance. Where did it happen, how could it be? you wonder curiously.

Like all true love stories, it happened when I least expected it. I didn't want to go out, was feeling lazy and definitely didn't want to meet anyone new, old or friendly. But I was invited to this thing, this art opening at Galleria Bonomo,, and that's where it happened. I met the latest LOML, love of my life.

When: Tuesday night
Where: via Portico dell'Ottavia, 13

Who is it? The big painting with the horses by Shahzia Sikander

Openings this week that I may go to:

Friday 6 October, 6 pm
Tommaso Cascella, Teatro
Rosso 20sette
via d'Ascanio, 27 (by via della Scrofa)

Saturday 7 October
Tullio Pericoli, i ritratti di Beckett
Tricromia Gallery
via di Panico 76 (near my favorite gelateria, by Ponte Angelo)

Saturday 7 October 6pm
Tracey Emin
Lorcan O'Neill
1E Via Orti di Alibert (Trastevere)

Other openings I missed:

Accademia di Francia

Jean-Pascal Imsand
Istituto Svizzero di Roma