Let Them Eat Cake

In honor of the Italian opening of Sofia Coppola's latest film Marie Antoinette, I will be in Paris visiting Paulina, who has repeatedly told me since May 24th that she does not want to see this film.

"Bad reviews. And I live in Paris. Come on..."

Tant pis and off with her head!

Ten Reasons to see Marie Antoinette:

1. Fuscia
2. Versailles and Louis XIV
3. Manolo Blahnik shoes
4. Bow Wow Wow
5. Siouxsie Sioux
6. The Cure
7. New Order
8. Adam Ant
9. Gang of Four
10. The Strokes, Air, Phoenix

Although, I may not be seeing Marie Antoinette while in Paris (mais c'est passe', ma fille!), the film does debut in Italy on November 17th. For those with a penchant for the mother-tongue, the Shenker Institute in Piazza di Spagna will be hosting a screening in Versione Originale (English to you non-Italian speakers) on Thursday evening, November 16th.

And yes, I am going to wear my violet, suede ,French heel, calf-high, lace-up boots every day. I originally bought them as a retro-punk Legolas (LOTR) salute, but I will rock them for Sofia, Marie Antoinette and anyone who has ever called me superficial.

For those who love poster design and film titles, The Shenker website has my favorite poster where only M-A's fan hides her nudity. The leg is very sexy. For a glimpse at poster art and amazing title design, check out the following articles:

1. International Herald Tribune, November 7th "What's in a credit roll? New Graphics"

2. International Herald Tribune, October 27th, "Slide Show: New Graphics in Film"