Mega Festa

Mega festa di braci e abbracci domani con vieri
From: A
23:32 8-AUG-2006

Translation: Mega beach party sponsored by a lame clothing company owned by a soccer player, who will probably make an appearance

If you are reading this blog, and likewise the above sms, then you are either taking a respite from the sun during your Ferragosto flee or you are procrastinating from work, comme moi.

A is in Formentera, some island resort in Spain, along with half of Italy, while I am here in Rome, with half of New York City, London and Berlin. Every day that A has been away (6 days so far), he has called to tell me about the weather, the cloud formations, his flipflops and the parties. Everyone is in Formentera, he tells me. What the hell am I doing in Rome?

Instead of complaining, "Why am I not in Formentera?" (the answer: I wasn't invited until a half-hearted 'vuoi venire?' about 2 days and 600 euro in plane tickets before his flight), I am enjoying Rome. In almost perfect synchronicity with the summer holidays, every store in Rome decides to have mega sales. Here are some potential sms I wanted to send A, but don't want to waste the money:

Spero che non ti sveglio- ma devo dirti che ci sono saldi da pertutto! Meno male che non stavo dormendo quando mi hai chiamato ieri notte alle 3, stavo organizzando mio armadio! Baci e Abracci!
From: E
10:32 9-AUG-2006
Hope I don't wake you but i have to tell you that there are sales everywhere! Good thing I wasn't sleeping when you called me last night at 3 am, I was organizing my closet! Hugs and Kisses!

Sto con Z, abbiamo visto solo 3 negozi. Ho usato la tua carta, vabbe?
From: E

14:18 9-AUG-2006
Z and I only went to 3 stores. Is it okay if I used your card?

Mi spiace, il telefonino non prende nei negozi. Ooo, un'altro negozio con saldi! Ti chiamo dopo.
From: E
14:19 9-AUG-2006
Sorry, my phone doesn't work in the stores. Ooops, another store is having a sale! Call ya later.

Ho beccato tuo amico(?) Ludo al negozio dove hai dimenticato mio regalo. M'ha detto che rimane a Roma per Ferragosto. Sembra triste. Che dovrei fare? Xox e
14:35 9-AUG-2006
I saw your friend(?) Ludo in the store where you 'forgot' my birthday present. He told me he's staying here for break. Seems sad. What should I do? Xox e

Bello, fa caldo qui. C'e sole e sono abbronzatissima. Che vuole dire strepitosa-- come diceva Ludo quando stavamo a Only Hearts...xox
16:44 9-AUG-2006
Handsome, its hot here. There's sun and I am totally tan. What does "strepitosa" mean, like Ludo was saying when we were at the cute American lingerie store...
Strepitosa= fantastic