Over Easy

Via Governo Vecchio is the easiest street. Running slightly parallel to Corso Vittorio Emanuele and traversing through the Ponte and Parione neighborhoods, it has everything for every genre of personalities.

Pizzerie, frenchy-esque restaurants with frenchy-ish names, trattorie with no names, bookstores, shoe stores, gelaterie (yes, there is a new one), shopping (alta moda to vintage), cafes and bars. Some swanky, some not so posh, and some blatantly British.

Perhaps I like it because it is near my house, but if you have perused this blog you will note that the GV strip lacks trashcans-- extremely vital to my life of constantly carrying plastic doggy bags. (For those out of the know, the bags are meant for cleaning and then dumping, NOT for bringing anything home.)

I like it even more because of GIGA, Gruppo Italiano Giovanni Artisti, a fun gallery featuring young Italian artists whose verve is more street than High Street.

Via Governo Vecchio, 43
Wednesday, November 8th, 7 pm