Romaeuropa Festival2006

Last Friday, I missed the final night of an amazing contemporay art installation 'Sensi Sotto Sopra' at the Palladium in Garbatella. How is it possible that I, with my nose for knowledge and eye for exhibitions missed the show? The line was too long for my whining stomach and
my 10-cm heels were begging me not to stand in the one-hour line.

Fashion should never come before art, right?

As ususal, I saw Francesca-Stefano, Siamese twins who always bump into me on the last day of a very cool art installation. It's like they are the harbingers of hip, towncriers for contemporary art, and finally Roman Rosencranz and Guildenstern in tight-fitted, low slung jeans with an indifferent slouch and a good appetite for installations.

The arrival of France-Ste (who had tried to come once before) confirmed that this was a show not to be missed, even though A2 and I easily skipped it in the name of Carbonara and Gucci.

Luckily, Sensi Sotto Sopra was one installation in the Romaeuropa Festival 2006, and I do own sensible shoes....