'Tis the Season

image: not Pellacchia and not my dog

This past Sunday, I dragged my new friend B and her seven-year-old daughter (whose name will remain anonymous) to via Cola di Rienzo in Prati to Pellacchia, baiting them with hot chocolate fantasies.

B and small child were wearing skirts and t-shirts. It was sunny and hot, but that didn't stop me as it was October 29th, thus officially the Season for Really Good Hot Chocolate. On the sweaty walk from Castel Sant'Angelo to via Cola di Rienzo (Image: Me pulling B who is dragging small child who is yanking Bella), I discussed the "Hot Chocolate Season", which is similar to the Fur Coat Season, appearing out of no where, regardless of weather.

In my experience, the season begins at the end of October and lasts until mid-April when cafes are known to break down the hot chocolate cafeteria and stop serving it until they deem it proper and "stagione". I thought it was time, after all, it was almost the last day in October. As I descriptively recounted every detail of the making of the perfect hot chocolate (the machine that constantly churns liquid cioccolato fondente, the freshly whipped cream, the gavottes or any other delicious biscotti to accompany the chocolate), I neglected to remember the conversation with my mother from the day before where she told me how cold it was in Philadelphia and I laughed, telling her about biking riding and rollerblading in a t-shirt. I pretended not to notice the slightly sweaty small child who only wanted a gelato. And I ignored my panting dog. . . only to remember these details when I was told:

"No, signorina, non e' stagione. Magari. . ."

I've heard it may drop a few degrees by week's end. Perfect timing because I am in desperate need of a good hot chocolate.

Pellacchia Caffe via Cola di Rienzo 105 (Prati)