Busy as a Bee

This morning, I performed my sporadic routine of domestic bliss, which happens randomly through out the month and every Tuesday morning without fail. I hum songs from Snow White while gently shoving mountains of clothes into the lavatrice. I spin around as I fill up the lavastoviglie with the week's dirty dishes. And then I pause, taking a moment to the ponder The Plants*.
* Always referred to capital letters since they are A Big Deal, having been grown (and dried out and re-grown) with love and affection.

The Thought Process

Do they need water? Didn't it rain last week? Why do I always water them? I love watering them. They are mine. Do not touch them. I am Flora, Roman goddess and una delle Winx. Do I really need to water them?

As an avid terrace gardener, I love the tranquil telepathy I have with my flowers, herbs and hot peppers, especially when I remember to pick up the water pot. On early mornings or late evenings, we calmly speak the same language—a mixture of dirt and peace. I feel busy as a bee, or, even better, I feel like one of the ants in the logo I see for Formicheverdi on Via Arenula (Ghetto).

Have you ever noticed this shop? I pop in every now and then when I hop off the tram for a stroll in the Centro. The shop gals and guys are very friendly and knowledgeable. They have a nice, not overpriced selection of plants and seeds, dirt and gardening accessories. I really like the bags (again, it’s the cute logo). And I like them even more because they are not just a gardening shop. With three shops and one garden center, Formicheverdi is part of the Consorzio per l’Ambiente. You got it, these are guys are more than just green, they are Green—offering services for clean air, bio-growing, renewable energy . . . and on and on.

Via Arenula 22
06 68193266