Che Serra, Serra

Serra nf greenhouse (glasshouse)

Sunday Brunch. For those British and American raised, un brunch alla Romana is often a slight let down as there is never the appropriate Sweet to balance the delicious Savory salumi. And for those partial to the Italian brunch, the mounds of pancakes, bacon and french toast from a typical Amer-British brunch might just be too goloso for a late-morning repast. I go both ways, just as eagerly nibbling on powdered sugar as I do salami, cheese and pasta.

Serra, on the top level of the newly restored Palazzo delle Esposizioni, seems to have combined both my desires with a brunch of poached eggs, pancakes, meats, cheeses, primi and secondi, and the required dolce. The scene? A posh greenhouse where fashionistas of the art/fashion world dine with politniks and academics. Bonus Points: The balcony off the second level cafe (minimalist meets Baroque) overlooks the Fire Department training grounds. Mmm, delicious . . .

Via Nazionale, 194
06 39967500