Eazy E and Me

Last week, I was walking through Prati when I noticed several posters published by the Comune di Roma announcing Roma Parigi Gemellate da 1956. The photo was a bridge connecting Castel Sant'Angelo to Notre Dame. No other information. I was curious, we were going to march on Paris? A festival of crepes and sauccison sec on the streets? Would we have a French day where all we did was say "Garcon!"? Comune di Roma's website offered no explanation but inspired me to think about who my gemellata/o is.

Perhaps because I am lazy and have always enjoyed this nickname, I automatically decided my twin was Eazy E, gansta rapper from Compton. Yes, me (the suburban, Ital-American) and Eazy E are as much a freakish combination as Paris and Britney. But just like The Superficial's favorite poster girls, we have a lot in common, according to wikipedia.

Name: Eric Lynn Brown - if you know my name, then you get it
Birthdate: September 7th, 1964 my old boyfriend Ed's birthday!!!
Height: 5’5” just like you know who…(I mean me, Ed was 5’ 10”)

Other wiki facts with parallels to my life:

  • e lived in the same house in Compton his entire life. I lived in the same house for what felt like my entire life!
  • e used to drive a red Suzuki Samurai. In 1988, this was the car of my dreams!
  • e is known for his visit to the White House and having dinner with George H.W. Bush.
    I visited the White House in middle school. And had dinner with my friend Sabrina who had dinner with George in 1991.

This research took me 2 minutes. However, scouring through the Comune's site was tedious, time-consuming, and pointless. I found the Roma/Parigi info elsewhere. Which leads me to ask you- what are your favorite Rome information websites? xox