Five Letter Word


Yeah, saldi. Just like moi, the sales are back in Rome.

Saturday 9am, while driving through Marconi for my first post-USA cappuccino and cornetto at my friend's favorite cafe, I saw a queue of thousands (okay okay, about 100) of people politely lined up and rounding a corner. Did TomKat return? I called K8 (up-to-date celebrity gossiper). She didn't answer but sent me a one-word text.


I have never been in Rome during the sale weeks. Conveniently, for my "I don't really like shopping but love gifts" personality, I am either visiting family during the holidays (i.e. January) or its too hot for me to notice (i.e. July/August). And if I were here and conscious of the saldi, I would never wake up early nor taken the day off of work to participate in the very first day of sales, especially after hearing K8's description of the very first day.

"It's chaos, panic and utter excitement. Discounts upon discounts, dresses for 10 euro, shoes for 5. I get my entire wardrobe on the first day. It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING."

I'm not buying it:

1. I don't believe her (her shoes are Prada Spring '07)
2. I don't believe her (no one in Rome would wake up early to shop at 7 am on a Saturday)
3. If it is as she describes, I have no desire to be remotely near a shop on the first day

But after seeing the Marconi line, I was slightly curious and considered venturing to via del Corso to watch the frenzy. Unfortunately, need for sleep overpowered my curiousity to walk around the city, so I have no research photos. Later in the afternoon, friends called with fantastic stories:

"They were taking numbers at Davide Cenci."
"Police cordoned off via dei Giubbonari."
"I got a Louis Vuitton bag for 50 euro."

Unbelieveable (LV purse withstanding, you can find them in Parioli at that price).

"You are so lucky you don't have a real job," K pointed out this morning as she confirmed and denied several shopping rumors, "You can shop during the week. Fuck that, you can shop in the mornings when no one is around!"

Since I don't have a real job, I must not have real money.

Time to shop.