Friday Night Lights

When I think of Christmas lights, I get giddy with the idea of Galleries Lafayette, Rockefeller Center and Harrods. I have fluttering flashbacks of the colossal Ramses-like nutcrackers of Cocowalk. And even Roma natalizzata always makes me smile.

Though we don't have anything as substantial as a megastore over 4.5 acres or a humongous Christmas tree with ice skating rink, we have shops and a lot of them. All the old favorites (and some new ones) are beginning to light up for the holiday season.

Yes, I know, there is the presepe in St. Peter's Square, but it won't be ready until the 24th. And don't forget the mercatino at Piazza Navona.

Traditionally, Christmas trees, presepi and most decorations are set up and plugged in on December 8th, Feast of the Immaculate Conception and national holiday. In other words, get your binoculars out, peep the neighbors and watch the lights on Saturday evening. Or else take a stroll around Rome-- I've already found some eye candy. . .

Largo Goldoni