O Cavalli (v.2)!

You knew I was going, didn't you? This afternoon, I convinced the Professor to drive out to Europe's biggest mall RomaEst to see the Roberto Cavalli collection.

The Professor: "Won't it be there this weekend?"

Moi: "Yes, but I want to go today."

"But we'll have more time on Saturday."

"I want to be the first. I want an oompa loompa now."

And with that we hopped on the motorcylce and followed my very concise and to the point directions: "It's near Agnanina".

After 1 hour circling Ikea and Tivoli, we finally made it down (? east?) to RomaEst to H&M. The mall looks, feels and smells a la Houston's Galleria, aka a very stylish version of Dante's 4th circle of hell. It was very appealing.

And the Cavalli Collection? A sampling of tights (i.e. panty hose), blouses, jeans, dresses and jackets. Everything that appeared in the ads. Nothing more, nothing less. I loved the red carpet that led me into a mini-display the size of my closet-- in other words, an anorexic helping of leopard and zebra prints, and gold piping, when I wanted an overdose. Is it worth visiting? Not exactly. The collection is nothing to write about. But the trampoline in front of the store was divine.