Rumble in the Jungle....ummm, I mean, Roma Antica

Today, as I casually walked around the Arch of Constantine, listening to a wonderful explanation of the sculptural relief, I noticed a boxing ring behind, appearing out of no where.

** That is the best photo I could take (whether with phone or kickass Panasonic Lumix digicam). The area was cordoned off so I could notstand behind the ring to take shot with Arch of C and Colosseo in background.

Its random appearance coincided with the Professor's last question, pre-Constantine:

What contemporary sporting events could possibly compare in popularity and brutality with the gladiator battles?

American football, boxing and ice hockey. Or the more illegal sports, like ultimate fighting or Thai boxing/martial arts death matches as seen in Bloodsport, Van Damme circa 1988.

Dayyam, Van Damme. But I digress.

There is a boxing ring by the Colosseo. Why? Tonight, 9 pm, is La Notte dei Gladiatori, the battle for the title European Champion EBU in cruiser weight division by World Box Federation fighter Vincenzo Cantatore, ranked #17 and Alexander Gurov, #18.

Odds are 4/1 Cantatore will win on points, as I literally quote from a betting site that I don't understand. I think I 've sided with Gurov. Instinctively, I knew he was Ukrainian when I asked the set up guy who the Italian was fighting against. The set-up guy didn't know and I automatically said "Ucraina", confirmed by Google later in the day. (Yes, I even switch to Ital-spelling when I think). Go Gurov Go!

To truly digress, I was told that it would be best never to meet The Professor's ex (or never involve myself in a competition of physical strength with her) as she is some sort of belt (leather? sparkly?) in some martial arts and beats up people whenever she feels like it.

Do you find that statement weird? To me, it was completely disconcerting. And the concept is ridiculously immature. The last person I knew who happily "beat up people" was wearing a lovely anklet. . .