Super Chic

*flashback January 2, 2007
location Houston, Texas
occupation babysitter to Tomato, my half-Texan, half-fairy niece

Our heroine is busy minding her own business, and Tomato's, eating pb&j sandwiches and left-overs from her fabulous "Ghetto Comfort Food" New Year's birthday party that she catered for her big sister et al. Treats included: double fried chicken, home-made mac& cheese lightly crusted, and double chocolate brownies.

Song: ooo wee, by Mark Ronson featuring all-time favorite Nate Dogg

Ooo ooo weeeee....
[4:32:04PM] A: ma dove sei????

I had forgotten about the special yet highly annoying ringtone that I knighted A's phone number with over a year ago. In fact, I had forgotten about A.

Ooo ooo weeeee....
la la la la la la la la la (the annoying part that I love sung by Nate Dogg)

A, squealing: "Ricordi il CD che mi hai regalato?"
Remember the CD you gave me?

Moi: "No."

A a bit whiney, "Siiiiii. Quel gruppo che canta in Spagnolo.... los super qualcosa...."
Yes you do, the spanish group, los super somethings....

Moi scratches head, "oh, Los Super Elegantes, si"
The disk I had been looking for just before I had left for Houston.

I assumed it had leaped into the void.
....lo stavo cercando l'altro giorno. Sai che e' stato molto difficile a trovarlo.
Un gruppo indie..."
i was looking for it the other day.
You know that was hard to find, its an indie--

A cuts me off, "Basta. Non l'hai perso. Mel'hai regalato."
Enough. You didn't lose it. You gave it to me.

I am confused-- I gave my very favorite hard to find CD of Los Super Elegantes to A??

A is emphatic. "Siiii. Ce l'ho con me. Sto con Marco in macchina, stiamo tornando a Roma da Cortina e tuo CD non funziona piu. Melo trovi un'altro? E se c'e un nuovo album, compralo."
Yess, I have it. I am with Marco heaing back to Rome from Cortina and your disk doesn't work. Can you get me another one? And if there is a new album, buy it as well.

Tomato grabs the phone and hangs up. Someone had to do it.

*flashforward May 28, 2007
location Rome, Italy
occupation Art fan

I swing by the American Academy's Open Studios and fall in love with some rainbow glowing paintings by Manfredi Beninati an artist from Palermo whose girlfriend happens to be in a band from LA.

Moi, curious, "Nice paintings. Which band?"

Manfredi, "Ummm, Los Super Elegantes....Do you know them?"

[8:05:01PM] Moi: ho appena incontrato Los Super Elegantes! Ricordi il gruppo del CD che mi ha rubato?
I just met Los Super Elegantes. Remember the group from the CD that you stole from me?

[2:23:09AM] A: Ma che dici???!!