There's a Reason for the 21st Century

. . .Not too sure but I know that it's meant to be
And that it's meant to be
Red Hot Chili Peppers
21st Century (Stadium Arcadium)

This is is how I feel about Rome.

Rome's conceptual wave is about to crest. The Eternal City is gliding towards Cosmopolitan Capital City, and (hopefully) leaving behind her old reputation as a remembrance of things past.

This isn't going to happen overnight. And no, Rome will not become pedicured Paris nor hip London. Rome will always be Rome, a sprawling neighborhood where everyone eventually knows everyone else and sometimes things just don't work. And yes, Rome will also be Rome, a conceptual caput mundi for contemporary art and culture.

Contemporary art in Rome has peppered the news for the past few years, but has anyone thought about its increase in frequency? In profundity? In quality? Rome is growing up and growing better with new and re-structured gallery spaces, as well as contemporary shows in unlikely, unexpected places. Again, this city may not be Paris or London with intertwining metro networks, ridiculously pronounced civic pride, and logical pit stops for contemporary art exhibitions, but she is catching up. Watch.

Mini Waves

Two weeks ago: Re-opening of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni with the remarkable Rothko and Kubrick shows

Last week and through November 10: TimTribu Street Lab at Stazione Termini. Skate park, djs, and art

Tomorrow: Se l'Arte interroga la Storia, a two day lecture series at the Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum and in collaboration with Fondazione Baruchello and Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna

Two days from now: Cinema Festa Internazionale , Rome's potential overshadowing of Venice's September shin-dig. Celebrated international auteurs will be showcased at theatres through out the city. For an added twist, the Cinema Festa is also hosting contemporary art exhibitions (see above image and program).

Coming Soon: Gagosian Rome