Who do that ZouZou . . .

It's time for a naughty weekend, I'm thinking as I paint my nails pink, (YSL# 49) in honor of my mom and her birthday

How naughty? you ask.

A polite girl would not answer that question and a naughty girl would keep you guessing. To play both sides as all flirts do, I'll just let you know I may have found a sophisticated (i.e not a trashy joint like the one in Piazza Sforza Cesarini) sex shop just across the street from Palazzo della Cancelleria, Vatican extra-territory.

Alessandra Pucci and Tiziana Russo have succeed in opening Rome's very first fubu boutique. Wipe those thoughts from your head! Fubu is an acronym for For Us, By Us, and ZouZou is definitely that-- for women by women. Reminiscent of an early Agent Provocateur, ZouZou promotes "sensual entertainment" from standard fare of lingerie, books and gadgets to special events like a workshop in erotic writing and burlesque dancing (yes, you missed it, lessons were last Saturday.)

Lush and lavish. Glamorous and old-fashioned. And very user-friendly.

Impressed? And guess what, ZouZou blogs, in Italian, of course.

Vicolo della Cancelleria 9a
06 6892176

*perhaps one of the funnier videos I've watched in a while