Blue is for Dagnino

It is true that I like gifts, but more importantly I like gift boxes, tissue paper and wrapping paper. I am happy to say that my 2nd favorite color appears as the Lanvin Forget-me-not blue. I enjoy the harmony between the brown ribbon and the orange Hermes box, and have been known to collect pastry shop wrapping paper from all over Italy and France-- not to simply savor the fleeting memory of an exemplary eclair or classic cassatina, but because I just like the way the matte paper and vintage designs look and feel.

In my classifica of packaging, lately I feel the very best these days comes from Dagnino, a small Palermitano pasticceria in Galleria Esedra. (No, there is no Dagnino in Palermo, I looked). The pastries are divine, the wine selection is Sicilian-centric, the gelato is al brioche and the tavola calda serves Palermo's favorites like anelli al forno. What adds more to my enthusiasm than the powdered sugar on a fried iris is a token gift wrapped in Dagnino blue or brown matte paper from the small, two-level store attached to the caffe. And right now is the best time to visit.

Why? Because aside from the candy-colored ceramic and porcelain kitchenware, the designy glassware and being home to Rome's largest (and possibly only) selection of Marriage Frères tea, they are having a very wonderful sale. However, my new, square butter dish was not part of it.

Pasticceria Dagnino
Galleria Esedra
Via V. Emanuele Orlando, 75
06 4818660