Green, Dai!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a cheap and cheerful GS (genio supermercato?) green initiative: sturdy and large jute bags for approximately 1 euro 50. I was impulse bulk buying--you know, when you forage over discount mega-detergents, maxi-rolls of Regina and 2-for-1 what-evers. Tired with too many choices, I took a pause in my favorite section, Offerte, where I was contemplating a popcorn popper when I rubbed up against a brusque borsa.

GS (Carrefour) has gone green with a borsa in yuta. These chic, reinforced burlap bags are ready to conquer the world, or at least the plastic bag. The New York Times just reported that Ireland has raised the recycling bar to an impressive (and hopefully imitable) level by taxing plastic bag buyers. Reusable bags are in vogue, plastic is decidedly not. Let's hope that all Italian supermercati catch the wave.

And yes, I was impulse bulk buying. We own two, His and Hers.