I  Hearts

This title should I Heart Hearts. And I do. I heart anything that has to do with Valentine's Day, love, hearts, red and feeling good. I heart holidays, shoes and subtitled French films. So does Gail Schneider, a Boston-based tank top designer who designed the 2008 Go Red, Love Your Heart tank for the American Heart Association's American Heart Month.

Gail's Go Red tank top is just one in a succession of many she's designed to support awareness in heart disease. For her, it's personal-- she's a survivor and now a supporter of many women's awareness groups including Breast Cancer Awareness. Her tanks have hugged chests across America, VIPs and mortals. Her Go Red tank top debuts today, coinciding with the lighting of the red ribbon on Boston's Prudential Tower.

I heart her idea and thought it would be a nice Valentine's Day treat for my sister in Houston. Nudge nudge . . .wink wink.