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Via Frattina, Rome. Tuesday afternoon.
Saldi frenzy is every where and I am trying my best to get back to my scooter by Piazza Augusto Imperatore. I pause at Gente and decide the tall Russian woman with two pairs of Miu Miu heels has a good idea. However, I don't speak Russian, except to say Happy New Year, so I can't consult with her on the ankle boots that have miraculously appeared on my feet. The sales girl says "Devi comprarli. Sono fatti per te." (Silly girl, you must buy them. They are made for you alone.)

I have long since discovered that I am a shy and often annoyed shopper who requires an accomplice when in need of banging the buck and chafing the plastic. Through my incarnations across the globe, I have formed a trio known as the IGC (an interchangeable group of men and women since there are more than 3) that I liken to a Charlie's Angels-type force-- smart, stylish, great hair and able to skate board. When about to make a fashion faux pas or simply in need of a shopping nudge, I automatically think to my thumbs and text the gals who have been known to respond even before I write.

Moi: Help! I found a pair of sergio rossi ankle boots blk patent lthr €250 is that crazy?
14:13 8-Jan-08

Lex: No, you need to look hip to catch those clients!
14:19 8-Jan-08

Fashionista: informed, efficient and direct. Shopping inspires, rather than expires, her.
Background: former costumer for film and television, and presently luxury bag designer.
Location: Somewhere outside Firenze, hugging her prototypes.

Birdie: Get 'em! (You did, right?) Seriously, get them.
14:29 8-Jan-08

Fashionista: organized, ravenous. Must be fed whether it is shoes, furniture, hats or clothes.
Background: writer, editor and producer of Pretty Things. Was told that she recreated several burlesque outfits by her own hand.
Location: Somewhere in Rome, where she is visiting from Paris, with her sister and mom.

Paulina: R they on sale? Were they made 4 walking? R they lifetime H O T? Treat urslf if u answer oui 2 all questions.
14:35 8-Jan-08

Fashionista: dealmaker/dealbreaker. Knows when to walk away.
Background: Sample sale veteran, shoe and overcoat expert. Poster girl for French biscuits.
Location: Paris, working on her documentary.

NB: a. Ideally, I should contact Lolita in Aspen, but she is apres-skiing too much.
b. The shoes have not yet been purchased. The Professor said he would be my accomplice.

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