A Little Los Angeles in Rome

Back in Rome for less than 24 hours and I was accosted by Lindsay Lohan in my piazza. She's the Face of Fornarina this season, whose poster campaign is appropriately placed below the pruned platani trees by my house. Lonely.

Lohan is a beautiful girl, though lately she's a bit worn around the edges. The pairing with Fornarina is theoretically a good match as Fornarina's forte is cutting-edge clothing that make you feel like an up-and-coming falling star or flirty, faux-disco-trash. But this campaign is rumpled. Her glazed grin reminds me of what the day after might look like for Marion (Jennifer Connely) in Requiem for a Dream . Lohan is thrown together with impulse buys from the 99 Cent store-- discount hair extensions and fluorescent lipstick. On the other hand, Fornarina has done a good job capturing the Lohan patented je-ne-sais-rien: I can't help but feel like I am hung over and doing the walk of shame everytime I walk by her, even when babybjorning X to the pediatrician.

PS. I'm obsessed so here's the TV spot