Butterflies in My Stomach

A not-so-surprising fact about moi. I am always late, to the point of which I end up doing most things on my own as my friends are easily fed up with my tardy flakey-ness and no longer have any desire to make plans. They just hope I show up somewhere, sometime, some how. I've tried to outsmart myself with post-its and watches set 11 minutes ahead, but it does not matter. I am always late. I blame it on the Roman genes. The baby. My hair. The Professor blames it on ego. He's not much help either since his main concern is about 2000 years old, though he does remind me that his watch is 14 minutes fast. As if that will make me or him on time. I still don't know why we set our watches ahead since it's obvious we don't care about present time. Thus, I am resigned to be on my own (truthfully, I do make myself laugh), or else you've just acquiesced to always being a bit behind the times.

Yesterday was another one of those afternoon's where plans never happened so I was off on a quasi-solo adventure in Rome with Baby X wrapped around the waist and Bella on the short leash. We headed over to the Uccelliera next to Galleria Borghese. I've always wondered when I would be able to walk through the Galleria's garden wings, and happily I found that the winged garden* is open from now through May 23 as a butterfly experiment and tea house.

*yes, I deliberately used this pun

Te Con Le Farfalle is an exhibition of butterflies, cocoons, butterfly information and sculpture in the Uccelliera gardens. The tea service is held in the small uccelliera building covered with live butterflies floating around exotic flowers and guests. Yes, the setting is beautiful. Though, the tea itself is not British-- your 7 euro (5 euro with Tessera Feltrinelli) entrance ticket gets you a choice of tea flavor and some biscotti, and some fauna-tastical butterflies-- the service is gorgeous, teapots and cups from
Richard Ginori's Farfalla Fiorita collection making the tea party picture perfect. And by the way, it is a sequel to last year's Hotel De Russie Farfalle & Fiori garden experience, sadly without the French mojitos.

We looked like a comedy of errors, Baby X straight-jacketed to my chest in turquoise, both dragged by a mini-dog. Luckily both Baby and Dog had no where to go and were fascinated by the butterflies, so I was able to enjoy a twenty-minute reign as Queen of the Uccelliera until Bella started to nip the butterflies.

Te Con Le Farfalle
Uccelliera, Galleria Borghese
9:30 to 6:30 pm