Dream Date

Two nights ago, the Professor ditched me to sleep with a stone cold fox. Marsius was just uncovered at the Professor's summer excavation,Villa delle Vignacce, just outside of Rome's center, and the Professor feared the worst. Midnight marauders? More like, all day, everyday apathy.

All I know about archaeology, I learned from watching the Professor run around the various bureaucratical offices of Rome. The Professor makes it look cute with his aptly fitted, zip-off cargo pants but in general, it's a dirty task comparable to reading Pynchon while getting a root canal. Painful, frustrating and cocky. Always a battle of egos (who gets credit?) and money (whose going to give it?).

Susan Spano, of the LA Times, researched the bettter part of this year, the hurdles of digging in Italy. And her article, published two weeks ago, couldn't have come at a better time. The Professor finds Marsius but still doesn't have the funding to extend his dig. Crazy. And even crazier is yesterday's article about the Marsius discovery in La Repubblica. No where will you find the Professor's name, nor the correct name of his organization: The American Institute for Roman Culture. Like I said, it's a dirty job.