I (still) Heart the Mini Bus

For anyone who uses Twitter and understands how it is an orgy for know-it-alls and topic toppers, here is a conversation that I couldn't help but jump into:

@katieparla : waiting for clients on via cavour in rome and just spied the
bigger and better 117. is it weird im excited about this?

@VetrinaGirl: @katieparla 117?? what is that?

@romephotoblog : @katieparla oh yeah, that started about 2 days ago. not weird,
it's just one of those "you've been living in rome awhile if...." moments

Yes, I definitely have been living here a long time. And it is finally showing. A few weeks ago, I had an impromptu, iPhone photoshoot on the 116 heading to Campo de' Fiori. The passengers were confused and no one was interested when I excited pointed on the design of the bus stop button. Oh well, they were all tourists. When I finished my ride (oh, how I wanted to stay on forever) and met up with the Professor and A, I gushed about the double sun roof and the flip down chairs. They pretended to be interested but when I began to talk about the four recessed seats, A gave me a glass of wine and The Professor felt my forehead.

p.s. I old-school heart the 116. See ATAC me