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Superga Sandals, you're not Italian if you didn't wear them

It's hot and I have a baby.
Translation: I rarely come out in the daylight hours as we are under self-imposed house arrest or else under an umbrella at the local pool. I've learned that babies don't like sticky, crowded buses for more than two minutes and will artistically interpret the head twist scene from The Exorcist. (Note to ATAC: Babies love Metro A for the air conditioning and pole dancing.) I've deliberately missed out on a lot of daytime events this summer, in particular, the sales.
I don't sweat it*. Usually I am an Apr├Ęs Les Soldes kind of gal. You know, the one who happens across a gorgeous, discounted coat or a 20 euro pair of Prada heels weeks after the height of the sales frenzy. I don't mind waiting. But a few weeks ago, the post partem hormonal realignment kicked in and readjusted my impulse buying gauge.

Hello, my name is Moi and I am a shopaholic . . . for girls' clothing.

I never paid attention to children's fashion, much like I don't care about the most recent animated films- Ice Age 3, seriously? But since the weather has cooled, I've been making the Professor take a 6 pm spin around the block, aka centro storico to look at mini clothing. For those who don't know (and probably don't care), next to the vast quantities of JonBenet cheese, there are some fun and Frenchy styles, far better than my Marshall's forays, circa 1982. Fashionistas mini-e, my 7 year old stepdaughter, and Tomato, my nearly 5 year old niece, will be very happy with me.

The girls' shopping was just a by-product of my obsessive search for Superga sandals for Baby X. Whereas Superga is the Italian shoe, the Superga sandal is the archetypal summer sandal for the Italian bambino. I can proudly say that as of today Baby X has been inducted into the Superga family with two pairs of sandals in blu scuro for 2009 and red check (quadretti rossi) for Summer '10, when she will actually be walking. Just as I promised The Professor that I would bequeath our American culture to mini-e (think: Fatburger, School House Rock, cutoff Levi's and Nancy Drew), I promised myself that I would bestow my Italian culture on Bambina X. Superga sandals are the first step*.
*Yes, my puns are amazing.

(shoe store for kids, up to size 40)
Via Pascarella 42
(Trastevere, not the touristy side)

Terracina Store (Superga heaven)
via Belsiana 18
(Piazza di Spagna)