Retracing My Steps

via delle Vacche, Roma Paint color options for exterior of palazzo. I vote for 2808.

I was walking around my old neighborhood today and for the first time was able to walk up Via di Panico without having a panic attack (cheesy, I know). Once I moved out, I avoided this street simply because I missed it. Green Acres, for all of its nature, wasn't giving me any of that "I live medieval" vibe. I was jealous when I would hear of people living around the ole 'hood. Annoyed when I found out soccerpreneur Abramovich bought the cafe below my apartment for his girlfriend just because she liked it. And nostalgic whenever near Navona. None of this impeded my daily visits to Gelateria al Teatro, instead, I became adept in the art of sidestepping Panico by taking advantage of every alley, vicolo and shortcut. Clever in concept, but in exectution, I was reliving my Panico life each time.

1. Via di Monte Giordano where I was lost in 2 am in a downpour and had to text Charlotte in Australia to ask her how to get home.

2. Via degli Orsini that leads up to Palazzo Orsini Gabrielli , its dancing bears and the porteriere who did not believe I was Felice della Rovere.

3. Piazza di San Salvatore in Lauro where Bella loved to run free during August, and yes, once I quasi-lost her.

4. Piazza Lancelloti, 1 whose wall paint is a wonderful blue and whose amazing top floor is a single home, as pointed out by one of its occupants known fondly to me as The Man Who Wears No Pants

5. Via Acquasparta and the Casa di Fiammetta

and lastly, the archway Madonna statue in the vicolo en route to Via Paola, where Bella once tried to pee on a man peeing. And where I ran through many times trying to flag down the 870 to get to Green Acres. If only I had walked slower. . . .