Run-On Sentence

My dad surprised my mom with a visit to Rome for her birthday (1 June) so they arrived last week, we organized a christening (at the most beautiful battistero in world) and I turned into Super Mom, Super Stepmom and Super Daughter meanwhile the Professor has left me for a documentary around Campania and I am running around like a maniac cleaning, momming, touring, organizing, cooking, changing diapers, gossiping about 2nd grade boys,shopping and doing all sorts of things in 2 hour that turned me into a Fascist freak of nature because I can't really do it all by myself even though I think I can and even though the Professor insists that not only can I do it all, I am better than he is so I should just take it easy and relax and enjoy my parents, baby, mini e, dog and all the events that Rome has packed into one week.

Seriously? And fashionably with this Baby Bjorn?

I think not.