Sergio hearts Puma. Or the Return of the Stiletto Sneaker.

Does anyone remember the high-heeled sneaker? It was so fugly, it used to make me tremble with fear. The concept was ridiculous. Who would run in stilettos? What stiletto-owning woman would ever want a pair of sneakers? I will admit, the Stiletto Sneaker was intriguing, or better yet contagious. In the late Eighties, these heels teetered up and down the streets of South Philly. Though not the capital of the Fashion World, South Philly was my benchmark for fashion, mainly bad fashion. Just as quickly as the trend spread, it faded out, and much like shoulder pads and bicycle shorts, I prayed I would never see them again.

Over the past two years, high-heeled sneakers have been making a slow comeback and I've refused to acknowledge them- even though the Pierre Hardy Spring 2008 pair were rather cute. But last week, while happily strolling through Piazza di Spagna, I spied the Sergio Rossi/Puma's collaboration Bouganville Satin Mary Jane. And I was in love. I don't know if it's the strong colors, the shiny satin or that my Philly roots are finally showing through but I have to have that shoe.