Welcome to the Giungiu

In keeping in line with my role as Domestic Goddess majoring in MSL (mummy-in-a-second language), I have spent the past few mornings making rounds at the various bureaucratic offices in my Circoscrizione. Not only have I am personally familiar with every plexiglass protected counter, I've just become a preferred ATAC passenger, racking up enough kilometers for a free MetreBus annuale card.

As you can probably guess, I approach every MSL task -- from banal to beatified-- with an eager grin. Unfortunately, my recent attempts at baking have left me feeling about as flat as The Professor's birthday cake. It seems that I can pie but I cannot cake, see me tweet. The light, spongy impasto with soft, not too sweet icing are out of my culinary reach right now. And there is nothing I want more than to pop the perfect cupcake out of the oven. . . and into my mouth.

To paraphrase Dorothy Gale, I have a feeling we're not in Los Angeles anymore -- where Betty Crocker and Sprinkles are a mother's best friend. But do not discount the Eternal City. Over the past few years, cupcakes have transformed from American party novelty to pasticceria bench warmer. Reuter's recently wrote about cupcakes, featuring Rome's Josephine's Bakery as one of Italy's best, and Food In Rome has lined up newcomer Sweety Rome for the prize as well.

I'll throw in my €1, 50: Andrea's cupcakes at Giungiu Bar, Via Asmara 66 (Corso Trieste). I randomly stumbled across these mouthfuls of joy while in a Dantean wait at Fermata 77320, just a few steps down the Direzione Socio Educativa Culturale e Sportiva. Though not at all perfect nor professional in appearance, they are perfect-- light and spongey, not too sweet not too sweet icing. Perfect.