Word of the Day: ZITELLA

One of my favorite Rome bloggers, NYC Caribbean Ragazza, wrote the following this morning:

I was sitting in the park with two Italian girlfriends when I heard the word Zitella for the first time. One friend said her mother was on her case again about being single. She said she loved her life and wish people would stop assuming otherwise.

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What I liked even more than her clever breakdown of why Italy is not Under the Tuscan Sun, was her scathing breakdown of the Black Woman in Italy stereotype and the Italian Male:

Men here like women period.

Thank you, Arlene. Men here do like women. And even more than liking women, they just like the Try-- they will try to pick you up anytime, anywhere. My favorite-- on the hill heading up the Gianicolo while on my scooter. I could've had a new boyfriend-- regardless of the fact that he was wearing a wedding ring. So yes, the personal attention you get here will be like no where else. I miss it when I am away. However, it's just about as common as 99 Cent stores in LA, and just as cheap.