Art Appreciation

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A conversation sprung up over Thanksgiving dinner at friends' house, just before the pumpkin pie-ettes were served. 

Contemporary art doesn't really exist in Rome, I was told. Nor is there really any contemporary art in general. I was overly emphatic in my disagreement, perhaps giving Rome's art scene too much of a hard sell but I'd do again all the same.

After centuries of holding on to its Renaissance and Baroque heavy weight titles, Rome has finally entered the contemporary art ring, albeit as a bantam.  The reality is that compared to New York, London and Paris, Rome is just shadow boxing.   And rightfully so.  Think about it, Rome has been living off 25 centuries of culture, history  and art- unfortunately, that's all many see.

Gallerias, foundations, museums and exhibition spaces are all over the city.  Open your eyes and take a good look, Rome's a contender.

Four tips to "appreciating" contemporary art: 1. Have a sense of humor, most artists do - whether intentionally or not 2. Have patience. "Getting it" may not happen immediately, if at all 3. Have a drink. Openings are all about the scene so socialize 4. Forget about the summer- most galleries shut done for at least a month before bringing you that back-to-school special

Daniela Edburg, through February 12, 2011
Via d'Ascanio 20 (Pantheon)