Bridge to Nowhere?

A few weeks after I moved into my neighborhood, circa 2008, it became a construction site. The cute little piazza where Bella ran around freely is now a sand pit about 20 feet below ground level and enclosed in aluminum fencing, only to be complemented by the chaotic construction across the street.

The city is building two new bridges in Rome, and mine is going nowhere. Yes, it is being built and every day, I am amazed at the height or the color of the crane or the gorgeous palm trees that frame whatever shot I take of the project, but metaphysically, this is a dead end street. The pedestrian Ponte della Musica will connect Lungotevere Maresciallo Cadorna (say whuh?- road running up to the Stadio Olimpico) to Lungotevere Flaminio, just across the street from the Teatro Olimpico.

It's an almost good idea, had they laid foundation just 1/3 kilometer to the southwest, connecting Prati with Flaminia, or me with my cousin Giulia and Biola, my favorite fresh milk distributor. But it won't. Instead, it will connect an area of Rome that has four palazzi, a palestra and my back up bus stop when I miss the 280.