Disordered Christmas: Fondazione Fendi

No use crying over spilled milk.
Wednesday, Rome was on holiday for the Festa dell'Immacolata, Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I think the only other person aside from my mother who had any clue that this festa is all about the Virgin Mary and her clean slate conception is Paulina of fabulousity so profound that she knows that on December 8 Mary was not annunciated, as the Professor so indignantly insisted, but was conceived free of original sin. We ran around the city catching glimpses of the Pope mobile, the crowds at Piazza di Spagna and the general deluge of frantic shoppers because December 8 is the Italian version of Black Friday. Christmas trees, decorations and markets cover the city, chestnuts and vin brulè scent the streets, and everyone impatiently wants a bit of Christmas.
Conveniently, perhaps ironically but definitely not coincidentally, Fondazione Alda Fendi unveiled another of its avant garde esperimenti in Fendi’s Foro Traiano location— a ground floor space with under excavation site, the Basilica Ulpia, circa 113 AD. Some Disordered Christmas Interior Geometries is a week-long series of evening performances that may leave some crying over spilled milk. Wednesday night we were greeted by gender-free nurses in Lucite stripper heels, offering (some of) us high balls of milk before the descent to the Basilica Ulpia.
Gorgeous as expected of Fendi-- the nurses, the shoes, the photos, the music, the elocution, the space—the former Trajan-era basilica was stage and background for the performance artists to recount Christmas wishes, childishly fight over toys and the utter commercialization of Christmas, Italy and the world, whine over Wikileaks and botox, and finally cry over what may have been as simple as spilled milk or as profound as a collapsing country.
Perhaps it was the intimacy of the space, which offers a far more closeness than felt at Fendi's usual haunt, Ex Mercato Ebraico del Pesce, and the artist-audience interaction-- usually Fendi's audience is herded together like cattle to stare a stage, but for Some Disordered Christmas... we are embraced by the performers and though I did hear some snide comments and laughter, I think this time, the art was brought home.
Some Disordered Christmas Interior Geometries
performance through December 15
free, please call for reservation: 06.6792597 – 06.6793139
*still awaiting Fendi's press office to send its promised photos