Fammi una Festa

What I love about Italy: Feste

I don't think the Professor will agree with me about my love for Italian feste. He is the kind of guy who would say they are frivolous or excessive (all the while choosing 7 k turkey for Thanksgiving for dinner for four). I disagree and live by the following rule of thumb: Give me a festa and I'll celebrate. I can make feste from half-birthdays and you-got-dumped days to wisdom-teeth-removal and bad hair days. Italy is strapieno with feast, saint and civilian days that oft come with pastries specific, which means stopping into the bar for your daily caffe and cornetto is a must.

Today's surprise: Bignè di San Giuseppe, fried dough balls stuffed with cream in honor of the upcoming Festa del Papa (Father's day), March 19.

Just like the bignè, the Professor is overstuffed on Rome. Recently, all he sees is burocrazia, xenofobia, favoritismo, disorganizzazione, disfunzionalità, pigrizia + mancanza di civismo. Translated these would be bureaucracy, xenophobia, favoritism, disorganization, dysfunctionabilty, and laziness plus a lack of civic responsabilty. These are the very same and common problems found in any country at any given time, but translating and digesting them on a daily basis can be overwhelming.

My advice to the Professor is to take the time to like being here. Love little things like awesome graffiti, instead of wasting time complaining about the Ultras scrawl. I whisper these words when he is full anti-Rome rant. And then I remind him that the bar downstairs has bignè. . . or fresh cornetti. . . or homemade torte rustiche with escarola or . . .