Fashion First

 Romans crash down the street like a fashion freight train
-- J.J.  Martin, New York Times, November 8, 2010

I love Italian fashion and its variety of interpretations from subtle snobbery to totally Totti, no matter how natty the no-no is.   But the true Roman fashionista is a traditionalist who wears seasonally appropriate Fay jackets, Borsalino hats, Prada shoes and Aigle boots like no one's business.  You know, with gorgeous sunglasses, fitted pants and a fabulous yet over-the-top fur scarf, at any time of the day or night.

It's no wonder that the Sartorialist (fashion blogger of the decade) held an open casting for his Spring 2011 OVS campaign this past Sunday in Rome.  I've been following his blog since 2006, admiring his amazing eye for fashion and photography.  The opportunity to meet The Sartorialist in Rome was a mental high five since I've been harping for ages about Rome's vivacious street fashion scene,  good and bad.   I dragged The Professor, who was only lured by my whispering "you know you look like a model, c'mon, they'll choose you", along with X and Arlene, whose Monday blog summed up our ridiculously estatic "We met the Sartorialist!" cheer. 

Since high fashion was on my mind and Rome was at a standstill for the Roma-Lazio derby, consorts and I hightailed it to EUR for a walk through White Gallery, Rome's newest fashion emporium, a glucose overdose in the world of eye candy.

Ground level is FAF- a playground of designer Fashion, Accessories and Fragrance for men and women.  Repetto shoes, Celine bags, McQueen coats, oh my.  I wanted to show Arlene the fantastic fascist architecture including the austere white marble staircase that steps out of Bertolucci's The Conformist when I happily discovered that the 2nd floor sartoria has finally opened for tailor-made mens' suits.

Designed as an old school bachelor pad for the Mies van der Rohe crew, the sartoria will custom make beautiful suits and dress shirts pour toi, and eventually pour moi, under the skillful hands of GianLuca Misiti.  And for the bespoke brandmongers, Kiton and Isaia you will surely find.

Best thing to do on game day.

White Gallery
Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 18/19  Roma - EUR 
06 54277400