Heat Wave

Thursday was my birthday and all I got was dehydration.

That's the slogan I want to put on the next tee shirt I make. [The other slogan running around my head these days is: My Nonna went to Ciampini and all she got me was a mini-cono.] I am exhausted. Birthdays wipe me out with the endless supply of sweeties, friends and phone calls. Walking around Rome in scorching heat wipes me out, even though my head is covered by an over-sized hat and I dally in the shade as much as possible. And not drinking enough water wipes me out- self-explanatory. I just can't seem to drink the right amount of gallons of water to avoid being dehydrated by mid-day. Six? Eight?

It's Sunday night and I am dehydrated. Liquids, says my father, sugary liquids. So I am self-medicating by drinking sugared water and listening to covers of Tiziano Ferro from the Carabinieri (military policemen's) club on the Lungotevere. I'm hoping they will play some Kool & The Gang-- then I'll definitely feel better.

If you're running around Rome these days, take advantage of the fontanelle-- approximately 2500 hundred drinking fountains that decorate the city's piazze, side streets and corners. The water that flows from these fountains is fresh, clean and high in calcium. If you find you need more than water to get you through the day, try my favorite thirst quencher- thè freddo con granita di limone, freshly made iced-tea with lemon granita.

Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, 29

Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40