Il Lusso Essenziale, Essential Luxury


I thought I was going to stay under the covers until tomorrow, but the rain went away and the Professor and I bolted for Via Nazionale.

Quick note for anyone walking down from Piazza Repubblica to the center this week: when walking down the street, take your time to look at the lamp posts and balustrades. They are decorated with yarn and macramè for a public art installation by Magda Sayeg for Il Lusso Essenziale, a six-day multi-venue contemporary art show.

Essential Luxury- the art of the artisan. Knitting, gardens, sunsets and sound. These are a few of my favorite things.

I love when art interacts with the city-- Rome, Paris, Los Angeles, Philadelphia. And I am particularly enjoying the mixture of art, craft, city and color. The coup de coeur is the interactive sound installation at the Giardino di Villa Aldobrandini-- you know, the rarely open, above-ground garden between Via Nazionale, Via Panisperna and the round-about Largo Magnanopoli, and atop Roman structures. It's Rome's best kept secret no more.


Il Lusso Essenziale May 17-23 (or until it unravels) Via Nazionale, The Strip

Update: Thanks to some late night reading, I sniffed out more info and a gorgeous website about Magda Saegy- Austin-based artist, founder of KnittaPlease. Check out this post from Cappuccino Chit Chat.