Motivational Speaker, or Why I Need Discipline

I am in dire need to talk to Arlene but I can't. I have a deadline and I have to work, so I cannot make a coffee date. I cannot call her up on the phone to chitchat, I can't meet for a casual aperitivo al volo. I have to focus, get to work and finish writing. The problem is I am not. Instead, I just wrote an Easter blog for Nile Guide, a travel website I contribute to. Yep, that is a blatant but small salute to self-promotion. And now I am on *moscerina writing about not-writing. Technically, I am writing kind of sort of. This is an SOS to Arlene with the hopes that she respond right away with a motivational speech.

Arlene is not a motivational speaker. She's not a therapist or even a life coach. She's a screenwriter and bloggess of NYC/Caribbean Ragazza. And every time I speak with her, I am reminded of how disciplined a writer she is. And then my mind wanders into promoting her and her writing workout as a hybrid Susan Powter/Tony Robbins/Charlie Kaufman. Oh oh, back to me, I'm procrastinating and I must apply an Arlene-ism:

Similar to journalism, there's not such thing as writer's block when you're have a writing assignment. Nobody wants to hear it. If the studio is paying for a script and you want to have a career in Hollywood, you need to be reliable.

I've heard many executives, agents and managers say while talent and luck are very important, being a disciplined writer is just as, if not more, important.
-- February 7, 2010 NYC/Caribbean Ragazza