Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Unlike yesterday, the rain sucked today. While the Professor bragged about how there was absolutely no traffic in the centro storico, I waited for the bus in the cold rain for 45 minutes. Today was like a rainy LA day-- everything stops, everyone stays inside and no one can drive. Even my faithful Atac mobile was a technical bummer, constantly listing my bus stops with "no buses". These could have been enough excuses to turn around, blow off my interview and spend nap time updating myself on Tila Tequila but my destination was worth frozen fingers and bad hair.

Galleria Esedra, just next to the colonnade at Piazza Repubblica is my coveted Dagnino's. Palermitano pasticceria, morning hotspot and ideal rendez-vous. I have praised this mecca several times and even once hinted at the naughty iris al forno, but I have never been able to capture the iris in its preferred environ, see above photo. Three pounds of brioche and ricotta cream, the iris al forno (oven baked) is a light meal compared to its flirty sister, the deep fried Iris Fritta. The iris al forno is a physical definition of my favorite word: goduria. Much to the dismay of my friend Giuseppe, I cannot eat the entire iris. I can kiss it, hug it and bite it, but I cannot finish it.