Red Pandemic

Pandemic [pan-dem-ik]: prevalent throughout an entire country, continent or the whole world; epidemic over a large area. 

Red pants are all over this country like white on toast. It is not a coincidence. It's cultural- just like flip flops are to California, black is to New York and Dolphin pants are to Miami, red (or bright colored) pants must appear in every man's Spring line up, rain or shine, cotton or linen, drainpipe or loose. 

Over the past few weeks of keeping my eye on the prize, I've learned a few things. Red pants have no limitations- small children are forced into a pair just as willing adult males will wear them in any social environment and in any city. I imagine there are even red pants for grape picking and mozzarella making. Oddly, Roman taxi drivers do not own a single pair of colored pants-- perhaps jeans are their uniform of choice? Red pants travel in packs. Once one walks by, he will immediately be followed by a gaggle of red pant variants. Red pants are contagious- if you have never noticed them before, you won't be able to stop noticing them once introduced to the cult. Ask any Roman taxi driver-- apres moi, they are now on the hunt for red pants. It's Pavolovian.


May 23, Piazza di Spagna Rome Spy: @vinoroma  

Rating: 9.5 Look: Best Team Effort (note red ensemble)

La Vie Quotidienne Spy: @passerotto

May 25, The Ghetto, Rome Rating: 7 Look: Checking out the goods, in my red pants


May 23, Zoo, Rome Rating: 7.5 Look: Father Figure (note how he matches with pram)


May 23, Ara Pacis, Rome

Rating: 8.75 Honorable Mention: coordinated arm/leg lift is divine (must zoom)