Snow Day

Lungotevere from my balcony, 11:45 am

Take a good look out off of my balcony. 11:45 am: Snow-kissed trees and cars, and an almost hidden Stadio Olimpico. No, we are not in Torino, we are in Rome and it has snowed. X and I ran out of the house trying to recreate a photo of my nonno from 1939 in Piazza del Popolo (1939 snowfall). But we were literally snowbound because public transportation stopped and taxis wouldn't travel.

Rome, just like Los Angeles, does not understand inclement weather, says Moi, experienced snow shoveler.

Lungotevere from my balcony, 1:15 pm
Same place, 1 1/2 hours later. We're grabbing our bikinis and heading for a dip in the Tiber.

Update: The Professor rocked the Forum. Check out his burgeoning blog.