Status Update

While I am on lock down to complete this writing project, thanks to a contributing writer who unexpected had to bow out at the last minute, I do not have a lot of time to dedicate to my blog. However, for those who need some Rome fix, you can find some of my tips at NileGuide.

For those who want my 140 character witticism and penniless thought, find me Twitter.

And finally if you just want to know how I am doing, call me. Oops, I'm not allowed to talk on the phone.

Status Update: Overstuffed, oversaturated and just plain over Rome. I have written about every nook and cranny possible, but am still not done. I am writing from the reclined position (yes, I am in bed and no, I do not wear daytime clothing anymore). My hands and wrists are killing, and likewise, I really have no patience.