The Rientro has begun

Il Rientro, the return, has begun-- the return to the pre-June 28 congested city conditions. Rome discusses the rientro in waves, onde, of overly-bronzed vacationing warriors who come back from beach-front battlefields back to resume work and city life.

Though the Professor and I may have unknowingly been part of the 1st onda, we returned to a citta aperta e morta (open and dead) with limited buses, zero traffic and parking spaces for all. Despite the threat of a potent seconda onda, second front of returning residents which would potentially gridlock all transit into the city, until this morning, there has been no signs of life.

All that changed with a short walk around Largo Goldoni, when I spotted my most favorite outfit of the season, with thankfully six full days before Labor. What you can't tell from the photo is that this fashionista is wearing a cropped, white blazer with beautiful lace sewn to the hem and reaching mid-thigh, over a white tank top and short cut-offs. She looked amazing and I will be heading back to Fendi's corporate offices later this week to confirm that the Rientro has indeed begun.

Roma! Evviva!