Viva la Rivoluzione!

Thanks to Eleonora at Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino for encouraging me to participate in Mamma Felice's Rivoluzione in Rosa, where today, hundreds of Italy bloggers have contributed posts like my below "Think Pink"  in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.   Topics range from serious to artistic to humorous, informative to experential and cultural, in both English and Italian languages.

 Quickly approaching 400 individual posts dedicated to cancer awareness, Mamma Felice's list is long and is getting longer.  These writers never cease to enlighten and entertain me.  Here are just a few contributors:

  • Machedavvero's gorgeous virtual decoupage, she writes about Wonderland, the behind the scenes of single parenting, Italian style.  
  • Il Cucchiaino di Alice is a beautiful food blog, originally focusing on children's menus, and is today hosting a delicious treat.  
  • Eleonora's photo blog Roma Every Day captures a beautiful flower.    
  • Bleeding Espresso, who consistently astounds me with her blogging savoir faire and snappy intellect, celebrates her birthday in pink.